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Welcome Cancer Genetics Network Participants!

This page is intended for individuals who are participants in the Cancer Genetics Network (CGN). The CGN is not enrolling new participants at this time. If you would like information about the CGN, please explore our website or contact us.

Important Changes to Your Participation

Please take a moment to view our latest newsletter, by clicking here. The newsletter contains important information about your continued participation in CGN. Please be aware of the following changes:

  • Due to the recent decreases in funding for CGN, we will not be able to contact you for routine updates in the near future.
  • In the future, you could still be contacted about participating in research studies for which you are eligible.
  • We will continue to store your information in a secure database, and data you have provided CGN will be available to scientists to use for approved studies.
  • As always, we respect your privacy and will not share your name or other identifying information without your permission.

We want to thank you once again for your continued participation in the CGN. Your commitment to the CGN and its goal of understanding how cancer runs in families is shared by the CGN investigators. Your dedication has made the CGN a valuable resource for scientific research.

Update Your Health and Contact Information Online

You can update your medical and family history information or let us know about changes to your contact information online!

To log on to the online survey, you will need to know your username, password, and decryption key. If you don't have this information, please click here to request your login information and we will be happy to assist you.

Already know your login information? If so, please click here to update your survey.

CGN Research Highlights

CGN Paper on Family History Published in JAMA

A manuscript entitled "Clinically Relevant Changes in Family History of Cancer Over Time" was published in the July 13, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The paper reports on how often changes in family histories occur that are sufficient to prompt earlier or more intensive screening for colorectal, breast, and prostate cancers. This report was selected as one of the most important publications for 2011 by the National Cancer Institute’s Epidemiology and Genomics Research Program. The information CGN participants provided by completing our surveys was crucial in allowing us to receive this important distinction. The article is available here.

Findings from the Ovarian Cancer Screening (i.e. "ROCA") Study

A paper reporting results from the CGN-supported Ovarian Cancer Screening Study (i.e. "ROCA Study") has been published in the September 2011 issue of Cancer Prevention Research. The paper, entitled "Large Prospective Study of Ovarian Cancer Screening in High-risk Women: CA125 Cut-point Defined by Menopausal Status," reports on how blood levels of the ovarian cancer biomarker CA125 differ according to menopausal status and other factors. The full article is available here.